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Safety & Burning.

It’s very important that you burn candles responsibly to ensure their safe use. Please follow these guidelines to keep Yankee Candles a bright and beautiful part of your life.

Instructions for use.
Burn within sight.
Keep away from things that catch fire.
Keep away from children and pets.

Remove all packaging before lighting.
Place on a protected, heat-resistant, dry surface, away from anything that can catch fire, and out of reach of children and pets. Use holders designed for the particular candle style.
Keep wick(s) trimmed to 3mm at all times.
Keep the wax pool free of wick trimmings, matches, or any combustible material. Keep the wick centered.
Avoid burning candles in drafts.
Never leave burning candles unattended. Keep them within sight at all times.
Keep all matches and lighters out of the reach of children.
Teach everyone in the family the rules of safe candle use.

If smoking occurs.

Extinguish the flame, retrim the wick to 3mm, remove trimmings and relight.
Q: Why do candle wicks sometimes become mushroom shaped?
A: When the candle is consuming wax more quickly than the flame can burn completely, carbon deposits may develop. This will most likely occur when the wick needs to be trimmed. Blow out the flame, trim off the wick and carbon deposit and relight. Do not allow the wick trimmings or other materials to fall into the wax pool.
Should the mouth of a jar candle become blackened, simply extinguish the flame, allow it to cool, and carefully wipe the rim with a dry paper towel.
You can minimise this blackening by keeping the wick trimmed to 3mm.

Storing Candles.

Candles are sensitive to light and temperature, so be careful when storing them for any extended period of time. Avoid colour fading, melting or cracking by storing candles in a cool dry place away from direct sunlight or fluorescent light. Storage temperature should not be allowed to exceed 27oC or fall below 0C. Exposure to moisture may inhibit relighting.


Handle with care; glass containers are fragile. Avoid glass-to-glass contact when removing or replacing the lid. Do not use if the jar is cracked, chipped or scratched. Do not refill with wax.
Do not allow the flame to touch the side of the jar.
The jar may become hot.
Handle carefully.
If smoking occurs, check for drafts or high traffic areas, which may cause flame to flicker and smoke. Also, be sure that the wick is no longer than 3mm. If it is, extinguish, trim to 3mm, and relight.
Each time you burn your candle, allow the entire top layer to become a fragrant pool of liquid wax and you’ll get the biggest, boldest scent possible.
This will also help prevent tunnelling.
To avoid "tunnelling" of your candle (tunnelling is when your candle burns a hole down the middle and wax remains at the edges) all CLASSIC style jars must be burnt until the wax has melted fully from one edge of your jar to the other at any one time before extinguish your candle.
To minimize wax left on the sides of the jar, burn 3 hours at a time;
If you fail to light this style of jar for any less than this time your candle will only melt in the centre and will tunnel down the middle causing wastage.
it is normal for some wax to be left. The amount will vary per color, fragrance and burning conditions.
Prevent possible heat damage to the counter/surface by discontinuing use when 12mm of wax remains. Only burn in a suitable holder, or on a plate or other fire and heat resistant surface.
Extinguish carefully before replacing the lid.
All glass jar candles will stop burning when only 1.5cm of wax remains at the bottom.
This is to prevent the jar from shattering.


When wax pool reaches the candle’s edge, extinguish flame and allow candle to harden before relighting. This will prevent dripping.
Discontinue use when 12mm of wax remains.
Never place directly on furniture. Only burn in an appropriate holder.


To prevent possible dripping: avoid drafts, excessive vibrations or nearby heat sources.
Candle (hurricane) lamps may cause dripping due to the build up of heat. We suggest using bobeche, decorative accessories designed to catch dripping wax.
Be sure tapers are straight, and set them firmly in their holders.
Trim the taper's wick to 3mm before lighting.

Scented Tea Lights

Do not burn in an enclosed space like a potpourri pot. For this purpose use Yankee® Tart® Warmers (unscented Tea Lights), and be sure the burner is well ventilated.
If wick smokes or builds up carbon, extinguish flame and remove the carbon before relighting.

Samplers® Votive Candles.

Burn only in an appropriate holder. Do not burn freestanding.

Wax Melts Potpourri.

Place Wax Melts Potpourri in the top of a dry potpourri warmer and never add water. Light one of the unscented 's (never use scented Tea Lights) for a controlled low flame made especially for potpourri warmers. When melted, the Wax Melts potpourri will release its wonderful fragrance. To change fragrance, extinguish the Wax Melts Warmer flame and allow the melted Wax Melts Potpourri to harden. Gently tap the sides of the warmer and in most cases the wax will pop out. If not then put the warmer in the freezer for a few minutes. Do not use metal objects to clean wax from warmer as this may crack or damage unit. Discard the melted Wax Melts potpourri or store in a plastic bag for reuse. Do not use warmer if chipped or cracked. Warmer may become hot while in use. Do not touch or move until cool. Not intended for use with fragranced warming oil or potpourri refresher oil. If using an electric potpourri pot, we recommend that you use one that is UL listed for safety assurance.

Candle Care.

Candles are sensitive to light and temperature, so be careful when storing them for any extended period of time. Avoid colour fading, melting or cracking by storing candles in a cool dry place away from direct sunlight or fluorescent light. Storage temperature should not be allowed to exceed 27oC or fall below 0oC. Exposure to moisture may inhibit relighting.

Cleaning Candles.

Should the mouth of a jar candle become blackened while burning simply extinguish the candle, allow to cool and carefully wipe the jar with a dry paper towel. To avoid such blackening keep the wick trimmed to 3mm at all times.

Cleaning Spilled Wax From Tabletops, Fabrics, etc.

We strongly suggest you seek professional advice from cleaning experts such as carpet cleaners or furniture refinishers.

Oil Warmers.

Warning: If used incorrectly oil warmers are potentially dangerous, only use in accordance with instructions.
Read the following instructions carefully and completely before each use.

Before each use ensure unit is dry, clean, and free of deposits.
Place unit on a level, heat and flame resistant, surface away from drafty areas, other heat sources, and flammable objects.
Add up to 20 drops of your favorite Yankee Candle ® home fragrance oil to the bowl. Do not over-fill the bowl. Do not place wax potpourri in the bowl.
Place a Yankee Candle® unscented, metal encased, candle in the center of the base and light candle. Never use scented candles.
Allow heat from candle to warm the oil. As the oil warms, fragrance will be released into the room. When desired fragrance level is achieved, extinguish flame and allow unit to cool. Unit will become hot while in use - do not touch while in use. Allow unit, oil and candle to cool completely before touching.
Oil may be added to bowl as long as there is oil in the bowl. If no oil remains in the bowl, extinguish candle and allow unit to cool before refilling bowl.
Never leave unit unattended. Keep face away from unit while lit.
Do not use perfume oils intended for use on the skin.
Do not add water to hot oil.
Use only with Yankee Candle® home fragrance oils.

Keep away from children and pets.

To clean: Dispose of and any remaining oil once unit has cooled. Wipe with dry cloth and remove excess oil and deposits.

Burning Times.

Classic Jars.

Large Jar..........110-150 hours.
Medium Jar.......65-90 hours.
Small Jar..........25-40 hours.

Scented 's.

Pack of 12 Yankee Candle Tea-lights. Each burns for between 4 - 6 hours, and is fragranced throughout the life of the candle.

Scented Votive / Sampler Candles.

Burning time up to 15 hours in a proper candle holder.

Scented Wax Melts Potpourri.

Each Yankee Candle Wax Melts potpourri will give about 8 hours of fragrance.

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We use Paypal so you always have peace of mind when making your order.

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