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Wax Melts Potpourri Mixology.

Combining 2 or more fragrances together will allow you to create a new and unique scent to you.
Our favourite way to create a fragrance mixology is using multiple Samplers® Votives or Tarts® Wax Melts.

Using Samplers votives

Yankee Candle Mixology Yankee Candle Mixology Yankee Candle Mixology

Using one of our triple votive holders, simply place three complimentary Samplers® Votives of your fragrance of choice into the holder and light.
As the candles melt, the fragrances will combine to create a new, exciting fragrance that's unique to you.
Browse our selection of Sampler Votive Candles to create your own unique fragrances.

Using Wax Melts

Yankee Candle Mixology Yankee Candle Mixology Yankee Candle Mixology

Place up to one full wax melt into the bowl of the warmer, to create a new fragrance, combine 2 to 3 fragrances into the melt warmer.
The best way to do this is to score the Wax Melts with a knife and carefully break into halves or thirds and place into the warmer’s bowl.
As the wax melts, your new fragrance will come to life.
The possibilities are endless.

View our selection of Melt Warmers to create your own scentmosphere and if you're looking for a new fragrance to create,browse our complete selection of Tarts Wax Melts.

Here are some suggestions on creating new scents with Wax Melts Potpourri.

New Yankee Candle Suggestions.
We have included all suggestions, many can be switched around, and the list below will give you some great ideas.

Aroma Therapy -- Clean Cotton & French Lavender
Baby Fresh -- Baby Powder & Clean Cotton
Beach Side -- Bahama Breeze & Beachwalk
Berry Cupcake -- Berrylicious & Vanilla Cupcake
Birthday wish -- A Childs Wish & Vanilla Cupcake
Blooming Marvellous -- Midnight Jasmine & Champaca Blossom
Blushing Bride -- Fresh Cut Roses & Wedding Day
Bonfire Nights -- Honey Glow & Fireside treats
Calm Waters -- Coastal Waters & Beach Walk
Calm and Tranquility -- Soft Blanket & Black Plum Blossom
Candy Apple -- Mandarin Cranberry, Sweet Apple & Salted Caramel
Caramel Treats -- Salted Caramel & Fireside Treats
Chocolate Covered Strawberries -- Vanilla Cupcake & Sweet Strawberry
Christmas Wreath -- Red Apple Wreath, Cinnamon Stick & Mandarin Cranberry
Cinnamon Twist -- Cinnamon Stick & Vanilla Cupcake
Citrus Breeze -- Pineapple Cilantro & Bahama Breeze
Coconut Punch -- Black Coconut & Pineapple Cilantro
Cookie Dough -- Christmas Cookie, Vanilla Cupcake & Snowflake Cookie
Cranberry Margarita with a Dash of Lime -- Margarita Time, Mandarin cranberry & Vanilla Lime
Dark Winter Nights -- Honey Glow & Black Coconut
Early Morning Blossoms -- Black Plum Blossom & Lake Sunset
Easter Egg Hunt -- Lovely Kiku & Vanilla Cupcake
Exotic Bouquet -- Lilac Blossoms, Fresh Cut Roses & Garden Sweet Pea
Festive Orange -- Spiced Orange, Mandarin Cranberry & Cinnamon Stick
Fresh Beach -- Clean Cotton & Beach Walk
Fresh Comfort -- November Rain & Sicilian Lemon
Fright Night -- Candy Corn, Midsummers Night & Fireside Treats
Fruit Melody -- Fruit Fusion & Citrus Tango
Fruit Zest -- Margarita Time & Cranberry Pear
Gentle Dragon -- Pink Dragonfruit & Soft Blanket
Ginger and Lime -- Ginger Dusk & Vanilla Lime
Glow in the Dark -- Amber Moon & Black Coconut
Hawaiian Lagoon -- Turquoise Sky & Pineapple Cialantro
Hush-a-by-baby -- Baby Powder, Soft Blanket & French Lavender
Ice Cream Sorbet -- Summer Scoop & Berrylicious
Island Margarita -- Vanilla Lime & Fruit Fusion
Juicy Fruit -- Cranberry Pear & Sweet Apple
Laundry Day -- Fluffy Towels & Clean Cotton
Linen Spritz -- Clean Cotton & Orange Splash
Mandarin Lime Martini -- Mandarin Cranberry & Vanilla Lime
Monsters Ball -- Midsummers Night & Vanilla Lime
Moonlight Sonata -- Turquoise Sky & Midsummers Night
Morning Air -- Turquoise Sky & Midnight Jasmine
Orange is the New Black -- Orange Splash & Black Coconut
Oranges and Lemons -- Mandarin Cranberry & Sicilian Lemon
Pina Colada -- Pineapple Cilantro & Black Coconut
Pineapple Passion -- Wild Passion Fruit & Pineapple Cilantro
Pink Apple -- Pink Dragon Fruit & Sugared Apple
Prickly Pear -- Ginger Dusk & Cranberry Pear
Relaxing Ginger -- Ginger Dusk & Fluffy Towels
Serendipity -- Fresh Cut Roses & Sparkling Lemon
Smokin Hot -- Cinnamon Stick & Fireside Treats
Soft Berry -- Berrylicious & Soft Blanket
Sparkling Strawberry Lemonade -- Sparkling Lemon & Sweet Strawberry
Splashing Puddles -- November Rain & Clean Cotton
Spring Picnic -- Garden Sweet Pea & Waikiki Melon
Strawberry Limeade -- Sweet Strawberry & Vanilla Lime
Strawberry Shortcake -- Sweet Strawberry & Vanilla Cupcake
Stress Relief -- Camomile Tea, French Lavender & Soft Blanket
Sugar Rush -- Sugared Apple, Summer Scoop & Sweet Strawberry
Sugared Spice -- Home Sweet Home & Fireside Treats
Summer Beach Days -- Summer Scoop & Fluffy Towels
Sunset Picnic -- Lake Sunset & Soft Blanket
Teachers Pet -- Sweet Apple & Soft Blanket
Tropical Sands -- Midnight Jasmine & Pink Sands
Two to tango -- Citrus Tango & Black Coconut
Wedding Bouquet -- Loves Me Loves Me Not, Fresh Cut Roses & Lilac Blossoms
Wedding Rose -- Fresh Cut Roses & Wedding Day
Welcome Home -- Amber Moon & Home Sweet Home
When Life Gives you Lemons -- Sicilian Lemon & Margarita Time
Wild Cotton -- Clean Cotton & Pineapple Cilantro
Wild Fruit Explosion -- Black plum Blossom & Wild Fig

If you would like to add your favourite fragrace mix, please contact us. 01792 702686

We can arrange mail order, please contact us to make sure we have got the item you want in stock.
If it is easier for you to order your candles or accessories by phone 01792 702686 instead of the Cart and PayPal you can do so during working hours.
6 day's 10am. - 5pm. Sunday 11am. - 4pm.

All UK delivery £4.00 per order, no matter how many items you order.

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We use Paypal so you always have peace of mind when making your order.

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