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A Calm and Quiet Place.

A meditative and fragrance balanced centered with gentle jasmine, a whisper of patchouli and warm amber musk.

Sweet Nothings.

Warm, soft & sweet, like a special whisper just for you.

Aloe Water.

Clean, refreshing water blends with thick, soothing aloe to create a wonderfully relaxing fragrance experience.

Angel's Wings.

Spirits rise on this beautiful airy aroma of joyfully sweet spun sugar, heavenly sheer flower petals and divinely smooth vanilla.

Autumn Glow.

Earthy leaves swirl with golden sunlight and woody patchouli, like a walk through the forest in autumn.

Coastal Living.

An intriguing mix of salty and sweet - coastal flowers carried on a warm ocean breeze.


Like a salty favourite plucked from the beach sand, woody and sun weathered.

Dreamy Summer Nights.

A relaxing blend of vanilla bean, heliotrope and a hint of woodiness spreads the subtle magic of a warm night in soft bloom.

Autumn Night.

Combines relaxing lavender and earthy woodland notes to suggest an inviting autumnal evening.

Ebony and Oak.

A heady combination of oak, pine, ebony, eucalyptus and patchouli make up this elegant forest fragrance.

Baby Powder.

A soft baby powder scented candle.
Experience the authentic, true-to-life fragrance, with pure natural spice extracts.

Black Coconut.

Sunset in paradise... rich coconut, cedarwood and island blossoms promise an evening of luxurious tranquility.

Clean Cotton.

Sun-dried cotton combined with green notes, white flowers, and a hint of lemon.

Fluffy Towels.

The fresh scent of clean towels warm from the dryer with notes of lemon, apple, lavender and lily.

Lake Sunset.

The serene beauty of the sun's golden rays as they dip into still blue waters, calling to mind the musky descent of nightfall.

Lemon Lavender.

Clean and inviting, a powdery fresh blend of tangy lemon citrus and sweet lavender flowers.

Midsummers Night.

An intoxicating and masculine blend of musk, patchouli, sage and mahogany cologne.


A subtle blend of bamboo, woody notes and bergamot - as intoxicating as moonlight on the water.

Moroccan Argan Oil.

With hints of patchouli and sandalwood, the exotic aroma of rare argan oil creates a uniquely inviting ambiance.

My Serenity.

The definition of calm - warm pear and orange mingle with tropical flowers and soft musk.

Oud Oasis.

Rich and seductive, this prized incense helps set a luxuriously calming mood.

Pink Sands.

It's an exotic island escape in the beautiful mix of bright citrus, sweet florals and spicy vanilla.

Riviera Escape.

A coastal scent of glittering promenades, full with hillsides of beautiful blossoms glowing in the sun.

Sea Air.

The refreshing air at water’s edge, laced with sea salt, cyclamen and rose.

Shea Butter.

Pure contentment indulge yourself in this creamy smooth scent with hints of beautiful fruit blossoms.

Sunset Breeze.

Take an evening stroll on a beach, with scents of tropical fruits moving on the breeze, back and forth, just like the surf.

Soft Blanket.

Wrapped in sweet dreams, a lullaby of clean citrus, luxurious vanilla and warm amber.

Turquoise Sky.

Calm, salty air with hints of sea grass and musk, float gently on ocean waves, off on an adventure beneath a bright blue sky.


A pure vanilla fragrance that is both sweet and subdued, sugared yet creamy.

Viva Havana.

A complex blend of sandalwood and spices, vanilla and nostalgia for old Havana.

Warm Cashmere.

Wrap yourself in luxury with sumptuous notes of calming sandalwood and exotic patchouli.

Wild Mint.

Just-picked Wild Mint leaves - fresh, crisp, cool, bracing.

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We use Paypal so you always have peace of mind when making your order.

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